Design & Planting

If you’re planning out your dream garden or landscape then you know that the design and planting process is just as important as the maintenance. We pride ourselves on our innovative visions and exceptional execution.

Lawn & Garden Care

If you’re lawn or garden is out of control then you’ve come to the right place. We provide the best landscaping services around the valley. We nourish each plant and our trimming precision is second to none.

Irrigation & Drainage

Whether you need a brand new set up or just some simple repairs, our irrigation and drainage solutions will surely get the job done. We can help with everything from simple pumps to state of the art sprinkler systems.



Landscape Design

Landscape design starts with a vision. Our innovative and revolutionary landscape architects can envision, design, plan and execute to deliver the perfect sanctuary for your family.

Trash Removal

There’s not much to say about trash and garbage removal services but we’re happy to do it and we’ll get it done! Our trash removal professionals will get the job done no matter the mess.

Garden Care

There’s nothing like a beautiful garden to spruce up your yard and your life. The pleasent feeling of sitting by a well-kept garden is unmatched by anything else in the yard.

Lawn Mowing

There’s more to mowing a lawn than most people think. Depending on the season, length, type of grass, and prefered style of cut, specific methods and mowers should be used.

Insect & Pest Control

We wouldn’t be effective at taking care of grass and gardens if we couldn’t keep the pests away. Our pest control professionals will eliminate your problem and keep your home safe and healthy.

Irrigation & Drainage

Plants need water to live which is why we consider it absolutely crucial to also be masters of irrigation and drainage services. Whether you need a new set-up or a repair, we’re sure to do it right!

Why we’re the right choice…

A home is more than just a well-constructed structure. A home that is well-designed is in tandems with its surroundings, rather than standing out like an eye-sore. A well-maintained lawn can be the difference between a home that is truly a work of art, and one that is like just any other in Phoenix.
Having a garden around your home or office and regularly conducting lawn maintenance can significantly improve the value of your home and drive up the worth of your neighborhood. If you’re interested in having an impressive garden throughout the year, you have to be prepared to do the following lawn care activities for ensuring the health of your lawn. Remember to water the grass regularly. During summer, water the newly laid turfs. Established lawns can do without water. However, allow the grass to grow with reduced mowing. The longer grass helps protect the roots. Hydrating the grass at dawn or night can reduce evaporation of water. Mowing the lawn at regular intervals is a landscaping staple to follow. The right length of grass unleashes the full health potential of your lawn. You can mow your lawn once a week in spring at the maximum setting. Lower the blades in summer, mowing two to three times a week. Weekly mowing in the autumn should provide ample lawn maintenance in Phoenix. Another landscaping essential for a healthy lawn is collecting the lawn clippings post-mowing. Many lawn care experts suggest putting them back composting or finely chopping them. It returns necessary nutrients to the grass. Make sure you remove numerous clippings patches before they can damage the turf.

An open secret to gorgeous landscaping is to provide your greens with essential fertilizers depending on the fertility of the soil underneath. Apply liquid or granular fertilizer as a yearly lawn care ritual. You should use low-nitrogen nutrients with high potassium content in the early stages of autumn as a lawn maintenance routine. It will help the growth of the roots in the harsh winter. If you want a manicured landscaping look for your beloved lawn, diligently weed out the flower and landscape beds along with pruning wayward plants. Lawn weed killer should be applied in the spring, summer and at the beginning of early autumn. Keeping the pH level of the lawn at an appropriate level is essential because too much acidity could facilitate the growth of moss and weed. Apply ground chalk or limestone as a useful remedy. If you feel too challenged by the struggles of lawn maintenance, you can always consult and avail the services of an experienced landscape maintenance company. We will gladly offer you excellent support services for your lawn at affordable prices. Give your Phoenix lawn the best maintenance services available. Whether its leaf cleanup, lawn mowing, tree and shrub pruning, weed/debris removal, mulching, or seasonal maintenance, everything that you need to take care of your lawn is just one call away. Make your life easier and your property more valuable through landscaping maintenance services.


The most popular of our landscape services is our basic landscaping care. Most homeowners with a yard prefer to have someone else take care of it. Finding a trustworthy, reputable landscaping service can be difficult. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an outstanding expert-level service for about the same cost as our competitors!

Irrigation & Drainage Services

There’s a different between a plumber and an irrigation expert. Don’t hire a handyman, plumber, or generic landscaper to fix your irrigation or drainage. We pride ourselves on our consistent track record of providing excellent irrigation services and drainage solutions while remaining at a competitive rate.

Insect Treatment & Pest Control

It always surprises us how many landscaping companies don’t offer pest control or insect treatment services. If you’re an effective landscaper and gardener, you should know how to keep the pests away. We offer insect treatment and pest control services to ensure your yard is a safe and friendly environment!

Why Choose Us?

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Over 30 years of experience.

    We stuck with 30 to sound realistic but frankly we have landscapers who have been landscaping their entire lives.

  • We are a group of experts.

    We were founded as a landscaping and gardening club of experts in our respective fields.

  • We improve each and every day.

    We strive to improve at each aspect of our business. We want nothing more than to earn your business.


We offer the top landscape, irrigation and pest control services around the valley and relish the opportunity to earn your business!


  • Different yard and garden services will benefit different people. Landscaping is not easy but we’re the experts! Don’t wait any longer to hire the professionals. Call or contact us today to see how we can help you!
  • Irrigation systems can be confusing if you don’t set them up regularly. Likewise, drainage can be a nightmare for some people. Our drainage and irrigation experts have decades of experience and are up-to-date on the latest technology.

The Outstanding Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is a fun and healthy activity for the whole family…!
Stress Reliever

Gardening can help reduce stress and clear your mind.

Healthy Exercise

Gardening is fun exercise for the entire family.

Immunity Booster

Studies show gardening strengthens your immune system.

Fresh Veggies

Enjoy a delicious yet nutritious salad straight from your garden.

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